Pulsatilla M Baryta carbonica XM Pulsatilla M Baryta carbonica XM

Case Studies

Fibrosis of the Lungs


Pulsatilla M was given dry on the tongue, one dose.


The patient was seen initially every five weeks with great improvement of her breathing and her overall well-being. The patient has needed different homeopathic remedies over the last three years. She has not had any serious respiratory illness and her blood pressure and diabetes remain well controlled.


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Developmental Disorders

Case One


3 months later: The child gained 3 pounds, eating better; started crawling and standing up on walker; babbling much, saying mama and a few other words; more alert, smiles, goes to grandmother, complexion rosy; no colds or any acute illnesses. The child continues to improve with further homeopathic treatment 2 years after the initial treatment.


An 18-month-old girl with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease. Born premature at 33 weeks to a 36-year-old mother. (Peru)

  1. Failure to thrive – underweight
  2. No walking or crawling
  3. No speech or babbling
  4. Recurrent colds/aspiration pneumonia
  5. Fussy, stranger anxiety, no eye contact, picky eater

Developmental Disorders

Case Two


Baryta carbonica XM given dry by mouth, one dose.


3 months later: Insomnia improved greatly – sleeps 6-8 hours most nights. Walking more fluid, writing improved. Sudden screaming, covering ears improved about 75%. Rides bus to school with mom. Talking more, stronger vocabulary, reading improved per school report. Crowds of strangers-much more tolerant. Continued improvement with homeopathic treatment two years after the initial treatment.


18-year-old young man with autism, mental retardation, gross motor and fine motor neurological deficits since premature birth at 31 weeks to a 30-year-old mom. (Peru).

  1. Fine motor and gross motor impairment – stiff walking, difficulty writing
  2. Insomnia – severe with waking every hour and restless wandering
  3. Sensitivity to noise/loud vocalizations/sudden screaming outbursts
  4. Learning impairment – talking in short sentences, minimal reading
  5. Stranger anxiety


Even though both of the previous two patients needed the same remedy, much more often different remedies are used for the same condition because no two people are exactly alike. The goal of homeopathic treatment is not only to improve the symptoms of the particular condition but to improve every aspect of health – sleep, immunity, mental, physical, and emotional development and well-being.

Our vision is to see a safe and effective homeopathic treatment take its rightful place as the treatment of choice for many people avoiding unnecessary medications and surgery.

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