Consultation is a thorough study of a person’s constitutional type Consultation is a thorough study of a person’s constitutional type


Telemedicine consults are available for both new and established patients

The First Consultation

We must never forget that the recovery of health (which is the purpose of homeopathy) is a process, not a one-time action like surgery or tooth-extraction. And this process takes time, just as it has usually taken time for our health to decline.

The first homeopathic consultation is a thorough study of a person’s constitutional type, present condition, and past history. It establishes the foundation of the case and tries to discover its probable evolution.

Return Visits

How long does the process last?

Until we are cured and have regained health; until all the symptoms that are a deviation from health have disappeared. The time required is different for each individual and depends on his condition and the treatment.

So it is essential to follow the first visit with the appropriate schedule of return visits. Each return visit allows the homeopath to determine the result of the previous prescription and to decide whether to repeat, correct, or modify it, or give it more time to act. The progress of the case and its ultimate outcome depend entirely on its ongoing assessment of how the person’s condition is changing. If there is too much time between visits, it is more difficult to obtain the right information and therefore to make the right decisions.

How frequently should we make return visits?

It is a good policy to plan return visits at about 4 week intervals depending on the condition. When the case has advanced sufficiently, this period can be stretched. The goal, of course, is for the person to be cured, so that there is no more need to come back at all.

When are we cured?

What is health? To be healthy does not mean to be forever and at all times free of discomfort: without minor aches and pains; totally and permanently impervious to microbes, injury, colds, fatigue, and old-age; beyond the reach of life’s trials, disappointments, wear and tear. To be healthy means, on the contrary, to be highly sensitive and responsive to life – creative, joyful, free, capable of functioning in harmony with creation. Health is a condition not only of the body but especially of the spirit, mind, and feelings.

Substances to Avoid

Certain substances may antidote or cancel homeopathic remedies and it is best to avoid them, especially initially. Although if you get accidentally exposed to any of these substances, it is not harmful, it just reduces or cancels Rxs effectiveness.

  • Avoid strong medicinal herbal teas.
  • Menthol – used as commonly as camphor in all kinds of products (toothpaste, mouth wash, gum, shaving creams, vicks vaporub, mentholatum, etc.).
  • Harsh Chemicals, Harsh Chemicals, the best rule is to AVOID any strong smelling substances like eucalyptus, essential oils, ammonia, chlorine, paint, nail polish remover, certain products used in hairdressing, strong perfumes (high-quality perfumes are not harmful to the remedies).
  • Medications, Please bring the list of natural or synthetic medications you are currently taking. Please advise us of any future medications you will be taking.
  • Camphor in any form whatsoever on the skin, in the mouth, in any of the openings of the body. Even the smell of camphor will antidote a homeopathic remedy. Camphor is used in a wide variety of products creams and lipsticks for chapped hands and lips; cough drops; lotions, ointments, rubs and balms for muscle pains, colds, cough, sore throats, etc.; mothballs and many familiar household products.
  • Coffee, Coffee, even decaffeinated, even coffee in yogurt, coffee ice-cream, coffee in sweets or pastries; caffeine is not the issue, but the plant coffee itself.
  • However, black or green tea, chocolate, soft drinks that contain caffeine do not antidote homeopathic remedies.

We also recommend that you continue your regular medication until you see Dr. Bekker.

If you get accidentally exposed to any of these substances, please know that it is not dangerous. It may only make the homeopathic remedy less effective or canceled. That again depends on each individual’s sensitivity. Therefore we recommend that you avoid these substances until you start your homeopathic treatment. From then onwards Dr. Bekker will guide you.

Our vision is to see a safe and effective homeopathic treatment take its rightful place as the treatment of choice for many people avoiding unnecessary medications and surgery.

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